Ludimentis, our take on the Latin phrase "Game of the Mind", is the premiere, invite-only, nationwide trivia competition in America.

As you walk into the gigantic exhibition hall at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Downtown Cincinnati, you can sense the electricity of anticipation. Teams in matching T-shirts with wickedly clever names huddle around one another and carefully discuss each answer. They duel with their minds in this ferocious battle of the brains to become the Winning Ludimentis Team!

Important Dates

Event Details


Duke Energy Convention Center
525 Elm St, Cincinnati, OH 45202
Junior Ballroom (3rd Floor)


Saturday, April 28, 2018
Tournament: 2:00pm – 5:00pm
Registration: 11:00am – 1:45pm

Survivor Trivia: 1:00pm – The one, the only, SOLO show. Miss a question, you’re out. Last one standing wins.

Ludimentis Entry

$60 Entry Fee | Invite-Only

Teams competing in the Winter League (2017), Summer League (2017), and Fall League (2017), will be in the running to qualify for Ludimentis 2018. At each Finals tournament, bids will be awarded to:

  1. The 8 city champions (AKA 1st place winners)
  2. Teams with the top 25 scores nationwide

Want to know who will be there this year? See the list of teams* who are competing for $10,000 and the title of the best Trivia team in the nation.

Prize Pool

The Champion Prize Pool is $10,000

1st Place – $6,000
2nd Place –  $3,000
3rd Place – $1,000

Bonus Question Prizes – $300 each



There is ample parking surrounding the Duke Energy Convention Center. Garages on Sixth Avenue are closest to the entrance to the Junior Ballrooms.

Ludimentis Parking

Downtown Food & Drink
Within short walking distance of the DECC:

Plum Street Cafe – 423 Plum St
Kitty’s Sports Grill – 218 W 3rd St
The Blind Pig – 24 W 3rd St
Americano Burger Bar – 545 Race St

Worth the hike:

Lachey’s – 56 E. 12th St
Kaze Restaurant – 1400 Vine St
Taft’s Ale House – 1429 Race St
Christian Moerlein Malt House – 1621 Moore St
Jack Casino Rock Bar – 1000 Broadway St

More about our beloved Downtown Cincinnati.

We will secure a hotel block at a downtown hotel and offer you a discounted rate as the date for Ludimentis nears.

Join the Ludimentis community online by using #LUDI18



Email or find us on Facebook at

See you at Ludimentis 2018!

Spectator Section

Those who wish to come and support their friends and family competing in the National Trivia Championship will be welcome at the Spectator Section. Spectators are allowed play along with the show. Please note, spectators will not be permitted to talk to anyone participating in Ludimentis outside of the halftime break and before or after the show.

Our vision at Last Call Trivia in creating Ludimentis is to celebrate a spirit of community. Part of that community is looking outward in work and life, leveraging our company’s growth for good, and offering our loyal teams reputable and honorable opportunities to make a difference.

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