2018 Ludimentis


4th Annual Ludimentis
Duke Energy Convention Center
April 28th, 2018

Ludimentis 2018 began the Friday night before, with a gathering of the Last Call Trivia team, including our hosts. Friendships both new and old communed to celebrate the knowledge, passion, and integrity that Last Call Trivia was founded upon. 

Pizza, cheesecake, and the clatter of cheerful voices filled a warm Midwest spring evening while our Ludimentis host was showered with well-wishes and hugs. 

The next morning brought anticipation and excitement. The LCT team gathered early on to establish a game plan over some hot Starbucks; Tables were covered, balloons artfully shaped into our logo, and swag laid out. 

The music began and our first teams arrived to a warm welcome.



Before we could start the big show, we had to engage our teams in an epic round of survivor trivia. 

Dozens of people cloistered into the atrium and the excitement created an electric buzz. Question after question, the group dwindled and the spectators grew until our lone survivor remained, who just so happened to be a part of our sole Pittsburgh team. 

Shortly after, it was time to begin the main event. The show began with a warm welcome from our host and guest speakers, discussing the rules and explaining our partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association.


With that, we began. In between the thinking lull partnered with each question, the room inflated with cheer and smiles. The excitement of getting a question correct was palpable for some teams, their cheers echoing across the room. 


Eagerness swelled within the room when it came time for the final results. Hoots and hollers erupted as our top three teams were announced. Among the din, players congratulated each other and celebrated a wholesome trivia-filled day. 


You might recognize our survivor trivia champion as a member of our first place team, also the very first Pittsburgh team to ever win Ludimentis.



To all who came out to participate and celebrate with us this year, all while raising money and awareness to end Alzheimer’s: We thank you and cannot wait to see you next year.

2018 Ludimentis Scores

1Pittsburgh6521.67 3731-3
2Cincinnati6421.33 31330
3Cincinnati5518.33 33220
4Columbus5418 30240
4Columbus5418 28260
6Cleveland4816 22260
7Cincinnati4715.67 18290
8Cleveland4615.33 2833-15
8Pittsburgh4615.33 2819-1
10Cleveland4314.33 3028-15
11Pittsburgh4013.33 2926-15
12Cincinnati3913 2826-15
12Cleveland3913 2331-15
14Cincinnati3812.67 2726-15
14Cincinnati3812.67 2726-15
14Cincinnati3812.67 3221-15
14Cleveland3812.67 2924-15
18Cincinnati3712.33 2230-15
19Louisville3311 2424-15
19Cincinnati3311 2424-15
19Columbus3311 3117-15
22Cincinnati3210.67 2819-15
22Cleveland3210.67 1928-15
22Cincinnati3210.67 1928-15
25Louisville3110.33 2224-15
25Columbus3110.33 16150
25Louisville3110.33 2125-15
28Cincinnati3010 2025-15
28Cincinnati3010 3114-15
28Cincinnati3010 2619-15
28Louisville3010 2817-15
28Cincinnati3010 3312-15
33Cleveland299.67 3212-15
33Cincinnati299.67 2519-15
33Cincinnati299.67 3014-15
33Pittsburgh299.67 2717-15
33Cincinnati299.67 2519-15
38Cincinnati289.33 2221-15
38Columbus289.33 2320-15
38Cincinnati289.33 2914-15
41Cincinnati279 3012-15
42Louisville268.67 2219-15
42Cincinnati268.67 2417-15
42Louisville268.67 2318-15
42Louisville268.67 1970
46Portland258.33 8170
46Cincinnati258.33 2119-15
48Louisville237.67 2414-15
48Cleveland237.67 1325-15
48Louisville237.67 1622-15
48Cincinnati237.67 2018-15
48Cleveland237.67 2414-15
48Louisville237.67 2414-15
54Columbus227.33 1918-15
54Cleveland227.33 1570
54Columbus227.33 1819-15
54Louisville227.33 1720-15
54Louisville227.33 316-15
54Louisville227.33 2215-15
54Cincinnati227.33 1720-15
54Cincinnati227.33 2512-15
62Cincinnati217 2313-15
62Cincinnati217 1620-15
64Pittsburgh196.33 1519-15
65Louisville175.67 1418-15
66Cincinnati165.33 1120-15
67Pittsburgh155 1614-15
67Cleveland155 237-15
69Cincinnati144.67 1712-15
69Cleveland144.67 227-15
71Louisville134.33 1612-15
71Portland134.33 1612-15
73Cincinnati124 1413-15
73Cincinnati124 1512-15
75Cincinnati103.33 205-15
76Columbus93 159-15
76Louisville93 1212-15
78Cleveland72.33 1111-15
79Pittsburgh62 192-15
80Portland31 171-15
80Cincinnati31 612-15
82Cleveland00 000
82Columbus00 000
82Portland00 000
82Cleveland00 000
82Louisville00 000
82Cincinnati00 000
82Cincinnati00 000
82Pittsburgh00 000
90Cincinnati-5-1.67 100-15
91Columbus-7-2.33 80-15