A Look Back At The Hints 01/06/19 – 01/12/19

Weekly Trivia Hints 01/06 - 01/12

Lemuel, Mark, Manny, Rosemary, Carroll, Virginia, Bob


What is the first name of the fictional protagonist, narrator, and title character in Jonathan Swift’s 1726 novel Gulliver’s Travels?

(01.07) FOOD

What is the short first name of Mr. Moore, a man known for his “Red Mill” whole-grain food
company that started in 1978?

Bob (Bob’s Red Mill)

(01.08) MONEY

Bosnia is now the only nation to use what name for its currency, which Germany, Poland, and
Estonia used during the 20th century?

(01.09) CARS

Lending his name to performance versions of many cars, but mainly the Mustang, what is the first name of the American automotive designer and racer known to many as just “Shelby”?

(01.10) CARS

Named for the company’s original founders, the three Pep Boys used in the automotive
parts shop’s advertising for decades are Moe, Jack, and whom?

(01.11) FOOD

The name of what fragrant herb comes from the Latin for “dew of the sea”?


What U.S. state had “400th Anniversary” written on its license plates in 2007?

Virginia (In celebration of the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown)


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