A Look Back At The Hints 01/20/19 – 01/26/19

Weekly Trivia Hints 01/20 - 01/26

Orinoco, Anubis, Balrog, Brobdingnag, Tazo, Gerund, Gervais

(01.20) ANIMALS

What critically endangered freshwater crocodile shares its name with the South American river
and tributaries that it calls home?

Orinoco (Crocodile)


Defiantly shouting “You cannot pass!,” Gandalf saves the Fellowship of the Ring at the
Mines of Moria by doing battle with what large creature?


What is the name of the jackal-headed god of the afterlife and embalming in Egyptian

(01.23) SAME NAME

What surname is shared by an English comedian who set the groundwork for an extremely
successful U.S. sitcom, and a sport psychologist and entrepreneur best known for his work with the Seattle

Gervais (Ricky and Michael, respectively)


What is the name of the fictional land of giants in Jonathan Swift’s 1726 satirical novel,
Gulliver’s Travels?

(01.25) LANGUAGE

What is the term for a word ending in “-ing” that is derived from a verb, but functions as a



What tea company did Starbucks sell to Unilever in November 2017?

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