A Look Back At The Hints 02/17/19 – 02/23/19

Weekly Trivia Hints 02/17 - 02/23

Feeding America, American Samoa,  An American Trail, Boy Scouts of America, Our American Cousin, American Pickers, American Horror Story


What is the current name of the organization that traces its roots back to The Sons of
Daniel Boone group launched by Daniel Beard in 1905?

Boy Scouts of America


The second largest charity in America, according to Forbes, what nationwide
network of 200 food banks provides food to more than 46 million people through community food pantries and meal
programs across the U.S.?

(02.19) MOVIES

In what 1986 animated adventure film does Fievel Mousekewitz get lost while he and his family
immigrate from Russia to the U.S.?

(02.20) FLAGS

Adopted in 1960 to replace The Stars and Stripes, what territory’s flag consists of a bald eagle on
a red-edged white triangle pointing leftward, set on a dark blue background?


What History Channel reality TV show follows the traveling duo of Mike Wolfe and Frank



What play was President Abraham Lincoln watching at Ford’s Theatre when he was
assassinated by John Wilkes Booth?

Our American Cousin


Twisty the clown, Tate Langdon, and Sister Mary Eunice McKee have all appeared as
characters in what spooky TV series?

American Horror Story

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