A Look Back At The Hints 02/24/19 – 03/02/19

Weekly Trivia Hints 02/24 - 03/02

Troy, Arlene, Red, Seth, Franny/Frannie, Chelsea, Rosalind


What city in Michigan shares its name with a character from High School Musical and an ancient legendary city?

(02.25) RELIGION

What third son of Adam and Eve was born after Abel’s murder, with Eve believing God had appointed him as a replacement for Abel?


The heroine of As You Like It, who has the most lines of all of Shakespeare’s female characters?

(02.27) COMICS

What is the name of the slim, sleek, long-tailed, pink-furred cat with a narrow neck and red lips who is Garfield’s on-again, off-again girlfriend?


Showtime characters Carrie Mathison from Homeland and Debbie Gallagher from Shameless both have daughters that share what name?

(03.01) PRODUCTS

As seen in a famous 1964 work by Andy Warhol and still the case in their current logo, what color are the “i” and the “o” on Brillo cleaning pads’ packaging?

Red (The other letters are blue)

(03.02) SPORTS

Soccer star Christian Pulisic became the most expensive American player transferred to a foreign club when what London-based team paid approximately $73 million to acquire his rights from Borussia Dortmund?

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