A Look Back At The Hints 03/31/19 – 04/06/19

Weekly Trivia Hints 03/31 - 04/06

Star Search, Boston Bruins, Lucy Lawless, Think Tank, Bulletin Board, Beavis and Butt-Head, Ray Romano

(03.31) SPORTS

Though 2 Canadian teams were in the league earlier, what is the oldest U.S. team in the NHL?

(04.01) TERMS

With both words ending in “nk”, what two-word term refers to a body of experts providing advice and ideas on specific political or economic problems?


Since 1998, what actress has been married to Rob Tapert, the co-creator of her TV hit Xena: Warrior Princess?

(04.03) BOOKS

In the children’s book series Flat Stanley, what alliterative object fell and crushed Stanley Lambchop while he was sleeping?


Eventually starring in his own successful sitcom, what comedian was originally cast as the station electrician in the TV series NewsRadio, but was fired after two days because he “wasn’t pulling it off”?


Adidas Skateboarding’s latest line “pays homage to the golden era of ‘90s skateboarding and the pop culture surrounding it” by featuring characters from what ‘90s adult animated MTV sitcom?

Beavis and Butt-Head


Comedians Drew Carey, Dennis Miller, Ray Romano, and Sinbad all appeared on what competition TV show?

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