A Look Back At The Hints 04/28/19 – 05/04/19

Weekly Trivia Hints 04/28 - 05/04

Sikhism, Gossamer, Barbados, Baleen, Guam, Cracker Jack, Trojan

(04.28) RELIGION

An article of faith that represents honor, self-respect, courage, spirituality, and piety, the dastaar is a head covering worn by practicing men and women of what religion?


“The more you eat, the more you want” was an advertising slogan for what snack brand first introduced in 1896?


What large, hairy, red, sneaker-wearing Looney Tunes character shares his name with a fabric used on wedding dresses and decorations?


What name is given to a specific type of malware in which a harmful program installs itself on a computer by masquerading as a safe or legitimate program?

(05.02) ANIMALS

What name is given to the sieve-like structure in the upper jaw of a plankton-eating whale?

(05.03) HISTORY

George Washington left the North American mainland only once, when he sailed with his half-brother Lawrence to what small island in the southeastern Caribbean in 1751?

(05.04) PRODUCTS

According to the McIlhenny Company, what U.S. territory is the world’s largest per capita consumer of Tabasco sauce?

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