A Look Back At The Hints 06/09/19 – 06/15/19

Weekly Trivia Hints 06/09 - 06/15

Juice Newton, Sister Sledge, Charlotte’s Web, Ketchup, Wayside School, Monaco, Kiss


Singing songs such as White Wine Spritzer, the mustachioed band Okilly Dokilly derives their name, image, and musical content from what television character?

(06.10) SCIENCE

Avogadro is best known for his eponymous constant, which relates the number of constituent particles to what SI unit used for the base amount of a given substance?

(06.11) PEOPLE

Known for wearing male clothes throughout her life, French novelist Aurore Dupin was better known by what masculine pen name?


ASIMO [os-ee-moe] is a bipedal humanoid robot made by what company known mainly as a car manufacturer?

(06.13) CARS

Founded in 1909 by an Italian industrial designer, what high-performance car company went defunct in 1963, became part of the Volkswagen Group in 1998, and recently unveiled the world’s most expensive new car to mark it’s 110th anniversary?


Also known as an open-world or free roaming game, what style of video game that allows a gamer to selct tasks and roam and change a virtual world takes it’s name from a children’s play area?

(06.15) HISTORY

The Peterloo Massacre took place in what English city, whose manufacturing hub was seen as a center of the Industrial Revolution in Britain?

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