A Look Back At The Hints 06/16/19 – 06/22/19

Weekly Trivia Hints 06/16 - 06/22

Atlantic Charter, Cinnamon, Daisy, Florence, Frank, Futurama, and Miriam

(06.16) CITIES

What Tuscan city’s Ponte Vecchio bridge was saved from bombing in World War II, allegedly because Hitler found it so beautiful?’

(06.17) FOOD

Currently accounting for one third of the brand’s overall sales, what flavor became the first non-original variety of Life cereal in 1978?


Playing his own role as a Wild West outlaw, what was the name of Jesse James’ brother?


Featuring a target in the first letter of its logo, what company introduced its iconic Red Ryder BB gun in 1940?

(06.20) HISTORY

What was the name of the pivotal joint declaration released by FDR and Churchill in 1941 that defined the Allied goals for the post-war world?

The Atlantic Charter


On what animated TV show would you see TV, billboard, and magazine advertisements for the dog food-like human food called Bachelor Chow?

(06.22) THE BIBLE

Characterized as a prophetess in the Old Testament, what is the name of Moses and Aaron’s sister?

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