A Look Back At The Hints 06/30/19 – 07/06/19

Weekly Trivia Hints 06/30 - 07/06

Nautilus, Clay, Pelvis, Defacement, Solitaire, Cutlass, Highlander


Known for owning several fitness equipment brands, what compnay located in Vancouver, Washington shares its name with a genus of cephalopods?

(07.01) HEALTH

Advocated as early as 1597 to help women experiencing an obstructed labor, but now rarely performed in developed countries, a symphysiotomy is a surgical procedure to widen what?

(07.02) PHRASES

Originating in a description told by Daniel in the Old Testament, to have a failing or weakness is to have feet of what?

(07.03) GAMES

What card game is said to have inspired Dmitri Medeleev’s layout of the periodic table of elements?

(07.04) TERMS

While in most instances the word carries a negative connotation meaning vandalism: or disfigurement, what is the term for the addition of a symbol or charge to another flag in the world of heraldry and vexillology?

(07.05) WEAPONS

Popular with sailors and pirates, what is the term for a short, heavy, slightly curved sword with a single cutting edge?

(07.06) MOVIES

What action fantasy film’s tagline is “There can only be one”?

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