A Look Back At The Hints 07/07/19 – 07/13/19

Weekly Trivia Hints 07/07 - 07/13

Korean, Pope, Barbra Streisand, Farsi, Michael Shannon, Cat’s Cradle, France

(07.07) FOOD

Bibimbap [bee-buhm-baap], bulgogi [bul-go-gee], and samgyetang [sam-gyah-tang] are all dishes in what Asian cuisine?

(07.08) AWARDS

Who is the only person to win an Academy Award for Best Actress and an Academy Award for Best Original Song for Funny Girl and A Star is Born, respectively?

(07.09) HISTORY

During a 14th-century period dubbed their “Babylonian Captivity,” holders of what powerful position moved the seat of their authority from its most associated city to Avignon, France?

(07.10) LANGUAGE

What do the people of Iran call the Persian language they speak?

(07.11) GAMES

One of the oldest games in recorded human history, what game involves creating various string figures, either individually or by passing a loop of string back and forth between two or more players?


Known for his on-screen versatility, performing in both comedies and dramas, what actor has been nominated for Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor for his roles in Revolutionary Road and Nocturnal Animals, and starred in the Oscar-winning film The Shape of Water?

(07.13) PEOPLE

Nostradamus, the physician/astrologer famous for his prophecies, was born in what country?

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