A Look Back At The Hints

Weekly Trivia Hints 7/15 - 7/21

Arizona, Arles, Blue Period, Christo, Colombia, Damien Hirst, Paul Cézanne, and Pointillism

(07.15) ART

What British artist is known for his controversial pieces, such as a tiger shark carcass poorly preserved in formaldehyde and a diamond-encrusted skull?

(07.16) ART

Known for wrapping famous world landmarks in fabric, what one-name artist’s latest work consists of a giant sculpture made of stacked barrels floating on a lake in London’s Hyde Park?

(07.16_1hr) CITIES

Known for producing over 12% of the world’s coffee supply, Bogota is the capital city of what country?

(07.17) ART

Pablo Picasso’s paintings Woman with Folded Arms, Melancholy Woman, and The Soup were all painted between 1901 and 1904 during Picasso’s what period?

(07.18) MUSIC

Defying geography, in one of his many chart-toppers country singer George Strait insists that he’s got some “ocean front property” in what American state?

(07.19) ART

Georges Seurat and Paul Signac are credited with developing what art style that branched off of Impressionism and involves painting patterns of small, distinct, colorful dots?

(07.20) ART

The noted works The Starry Night, Starry Night Over the Rhone, and Café Terrace at Night were all painted while Vincent van Gogh was living in what French city?

(07.21) ART

Also known for his landscape portrait of Mont Sainte-Victoire Seen from Bellevue, what French artist
is primarily associated with apples and oranges, subjects of his many still lifes?

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