A Look Back At The Hints 07/28/19 – 08/03/19

Weekly Trivia Hints 07/28 - 08/03

Embarassment, Clouds, Krypton, Origin, Government, Kiss, Steamboat

(07.28) TERMS

What term for a feeling of self-consciousness, shame, and awkwardness is also used to refer to a group of Pandas?

(07.29) LOGOS

In the animated logo for Walt Disney Production Studios, Mickey Mouse is whistling while stearing what, an homage to an early short film he appeared in?

(07.30) SCIENCE

British scientist Luke Howard developed the naming system for what atmospheric phenomena?


What Syfy TV series focuses on the life of Seg-El, the grandfather of Superman?


What is the name of the 5th installment in the best-selling Robert Langdon series by Dan Brown, which is a sequel to Inferno?

(08.02) MUSIC

What 1986 hit song by Prince was covered by the British synthpop group Art of Noise, featuring Tom Jones on vocals?

(08.03) QUOTES

Fill in the missing word in this Mark Twain quote: “Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your ___ when it deserves.”

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