Weekly Trivia Hints 07/28 – 08/03​

All Possible Answers: Embarassment, Clouds, Krypton, Origin, Government, Kiss, Steamboat


In an episode that was banned by the state of Alabama, Mr. Ratburn got married to Patrick during what animated series’ 22 premiere on PBS?


Bill Hader plays the title character hitman turned aspiring actor who finds himself caught between the shallow superficiality of the entertainment world and the dark seedy underbelly of L.A.’s organized crime scene in what HBO series?


What fictional character seduces, manipulates, and exploits the title character into becoming a famous singer in George du Maurier’s 1895 novel Trilby?

(08.07) CITIES

The provincial capital of Saskatchewan, what Canadian city takes its name from the Latin word for “queen”?

(08.08) HISTORY

What shrub supplied the leaves that prize-winning Greek athletes wore in wreaths?

(08.09) MOVIES

Oscar-nominated for the sixth time for Best Cinematography for 2019’s Never Look Away, Caleb is the first name of the patriarch of what famous acting family, whose daughters anchored separate, successful television programs from 2005 to 2018?


What is the name of the oldest of the March sisters in Alcott’s classic novel Little Women?

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