Weekly Trivia Hints 09/08 – 09/14

All Possible Answers: John Muir, Manuel Noriega, Richard Mulligan, Rob Lowe, Anthony Scaramucci, Ted Turner, Winslow Homer


What actor known for his role as Burt Campbell in the sitcom Soap and as Dr. Harry Weston in Empty Nest?

(09.09) PEOPLE

Known as the “Father of the National Parks,” what naturalist is depicted on the California state quarter?

(09.10) HISTORY

Operation Just Cause was a military invasion of Panama that resulted in the ousting of what Central American dictator and former U.S. ally?


What veteran of the TV series Parks and Recreation is now the host of FOX network’s new competition show Mental Samurai?

(09.12) ART

Breezing Up and The Gulf Stream are paintings by what American artist mostly known for his seascapes?

(09.13) PEOPLE

Nicknamed “The Mooch,” what American financier and political consultant briefly served as the White House Director of Communications for 10 days in July of 2017?

Anthony Scaramucci

(09.14) PEOPLE

In 1997, what billionaire philanthropist donated $1 billion to support the United Nations, which created the United Nations Foundation?

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