A Look Back At The Hints 10/21/18 – 10/27/18

Weekly Trivia Hints 10/21 - 10/27

Bacon, Cake, Macaroni, Shirley Temple, Squash, Turkey, and Yogurt


Name the band who recorded the following albums: Comfort Eagle, Pressure Chief, and Showroom of Compassion.


What common type of pasta shares its name with a term for a fashionable man from the 18th century who dressed and spoke in an epicene manner?

(10.23) MOVIES

Playing off the character on which he’s based, what foodstuff names the Mel Brooks-played master who teaches Lone Star to use the power of the Schwarz in the parody film Spaceballs?

(10.24) SPORTS

“Dominating the T” is a winning strategy in what sport played on an indoor court and named for its soft rubber ball?


According to some scholars, Noah’s Ark came to rest at the top of Mount Ararat, a peak located in what Eurasian country?

(10.26) PEOPLE

After beginning her film career at the age of three, what movie star later became the United States’ ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia?

(10.27) SAME NAME

The actor who plays FBI agent Ryan Hardy in a TV show about a cult inspired by Edgar Allan Poe shares what surname with the English philosopher and scientist who influenced the development of the scientific method?

Bacon (Kevin and Francis)

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