Guess the Hints 11/04/18 – 11/10/18

Weekly Trivia Hints 10/28 – 11/03

See if you can match the question to the correct answer!

HINTS: Black & White, Town & Country, Benny & Joon, Green & Black’s, William & Mary,  Lewis & Clark, and Big & Rich.

(11.04) CANDY

Known for its organic and Fairtrade chocolate bars, what British chocolate company is named for two colors?

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Green & Black’s

(11.05) ALCOHOL

Originally known as House of Commons, what brand of blended scotch whisky has a label
that features two dogs, a Scottie and a Westie?

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Black & White

(11.06) MUSIC

What country duo formed in 1998 would be “Kenny & John” if known by their first names?

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Big & Rich

(11.07) MOVIES

Although Johnny Depp is featured on the theatrical poster, for which ‘90s movie do Mary Stuart Masterson and Aiden Quinn play the title characters?

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Benny & Joon


What college was the first American institution of higher education to receive its charter from the Crown under the Seal of the Privy Council in 1693?

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William & Mary


What popular minivan model shares its name with the oldest continually published general interest magazine in the United States?

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Town & Country

(11.10) HISTORY

Sergeant Charles Floyd was amazingly the only person to die during whose famous expedition?

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Lewis & Clark

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