A Look Back At The Hints

Weekly Trivia Hints 7/22 - 7/28

Dog, Moles, Otter, Shrew, Skunk, Stork, Squirrel, and Wildebeest

(07.22) ANIMALS

What semiaquatic mammal’s resting place is called a couch, which is built on the banks of a
river, stream, or lake?

(07.23) ANIMALS

The vagrant species of what tiny mouse-like insectivore uses echolocation to find its prey?

(07.23_1hr) ANIMALS

Also known by a name that indicates their country of origin, a Borzoi is what type of animal?

(07.24) ANIMALS

Also known as the gnu, what member of the antelope family migrates up to 1,000 miles per year, one of the largest mammal migrations in the world?

(07.25) ANIMALS

What frisky animal causes about 10 to 20 percent of all power outages in the U.S., according to The Washington Post?

(07.26) ANIMALS

What tiny burrowers are the only mammals that are true hermaphrodites, as the females have both ovaries and testes?

(07.27) GAMES

What is the name of the line on a standard cribbage board separating the 90th and 91st holes?

(07.28) ANIMALS

What bird is the symbol of The Hague, since one nesting in your chimney is considered good
luck in the Netherlands?

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