A Look Back At The Hints

Weekly Trivia Hints 7/29 - 8/4

Bellator, Bezoar, Class, Cryology, Gravity, Magnetite, Patreon, and Salome

(07.29) PRODUCTS

Produced under the brand “Teeter EZ-Up,” what scientific-sounding name is given to the “boots” commonly used in inversion therapy?

(07.30) SCIENCE

Insecta, which includes all types of insects, is which of the 7 taxonomic ranks?

(07.30_1hr) WEBSITES

Started by musician Jack Conte and developer Sam Yam in 2013, what membership platform allows YouTubers, podcasters, musicians, artists, and other creators to run a subscription content service
for fans?

(07.31) SCIENCE

A lodestone is a chunk of what rock mineral?

(08.01) SCIENCE

Differing from glaciology, which is the study of glaciers or, more generally, ice and natural phenomena that involve ice, what term refers to the study of snow and ice and the science of refrigeration?

(08.02) HISTORY

The subject of a play by Oscar Wilde and an opera by Richard Strauss, which daughter of King Herod is said to have requested the head of John the Baptist?

(08.03) HEALTH

Defined as a stone taken from the stomach of a goat, which will protect people from most poisons in the Harry Potter universe, what word in the real world means a mass found trapped in the gastrointestinal

(08.04) SPORTS

Founded in 2008, what is the name of the second largest MMA promotion in the world behind

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