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Weekly Trivia Hints 8/12 - 8/18

Angie Dickinson, Anna Pavlova, Charles Lindbergh, Dean Martin, Harold S. Kushner, Mandy Moore, Queen Mother, and Rupert Murdoch

(08.12) PEOPLE

Who is the subject of the 2008 biography The Man Who Owns the News by Michael Wolff?

(08.13) PEOPLE

In 1927, who was the first person Time magazine named “Man/Person of the Year,” and to this
day the youngest, receiving the honor at the age of 25?

Charles Lindbergh

(08.13_1hr) PEOPLE

By what title was Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon known from 1952 until her death in 2002?

Queen Mother (mother of Elizabeth II)

(08.14) BOOKS

Addressing the problems of theodicy, or “why a good God permits the manifestation of evil,” who wrote the 1978 best-seller When Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Harold S. Kushner


Famous for her “Dying Swan” solo, what Russian ballerina is also the namesake of a meringue-based dessert?

(08.16) BOOKS

Who is the subject of Jerry Lewis’s 2005 memoir, subtitled A Love Story?


Who received her only three Emmy nominations for playing the title character in Police Woman?


What pop musician and accomplished actress recently crossed 19,341 feet worth of obstacle off of her bucket list by summiting Mount Kilimanjaro?

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