A Look Back At The Hints

Weekly Trivia Hints 9/02 - 9/08

Bill Watterson, Billy Crystal, Carl Jung, Jackson Browne, Pablo Picasso, Paul Cezanne, Sammy Davis Jr., and Wernher Von Braun 

(09.03) PEOPLE

What cartoonist reportedly joked to his publisher, “I clearly miscalculated how popular it would be to show
Calvin urinating on a Ford logo”?

(09.04) ART

What artist, who lived from 1839 to 1906, did Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse call “the father of us all”?

(09.05) PEOPLE

What famous actor and Oscars host wrote the autobiography 700 Sundays, which was adapted into a one-man show on Broadway?

(09.06) MUSIC

Although he was frustratingly never able to finish it by himself, what Running on Empty musician is credited as a co-writer on the Eagles’ song Take It Easy after allowing neighbor Glenn Frey a chance at finishing the tune?

(09.07) SPACE

What scientist is credited with inventing the V-2 rocket for Germany and the Saturn-V for the U.S.?


What entertainer began studying Judaism in 1954, after the nearly-fatal car accident in which he lost his left eye?

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