A Look Back At The Hints

Weekly Trivia Hints 9/23 - 9/29

Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, and Oregon

(09.23) MOVIES

What 2013 comedy is about Bruce Dern’s 900-mile journey to claim a sweepstakes prize in the title state?

(09.24) MASCOTS

Herky the Hawk is the athletics mascot of what university?

(University of) Iowa

(09.25) FLAGS

What Eurasian country’s flag features 5 red crosses on a white background?

(09.26) STATES

What western U.S. state has the most national monuments at 18?


What band has albums titled Leftoverture, Point of Know Return, and Vinyl Confessions?

(09.28) STATES

What West Coast state’s 1971 “bottle bill” helped jump-start recycling in the U.S. by banning non-refundables?

(09.29) STATES

An orange tree, “Nebo’s Mount,” and “thy magnolia groves” are all featured in the official song of what U.S. state?

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