A Look Back At The Hints

Weekly Trivia Hints 2018.07.01-07.07

Purple, Black, Coral, Red, Pink, White, (Light) Blue, Yellow. 

(07.01) CANDY

What color is the bag of tropical flavor Skittles? 

(07.02) MUSIC

What color are the mountains in the first verse of the song America the Beautiful? 

Purple (“For purple mountain majesties”)

(07.02_1hr) LYRICS

Considered a central emotional piece of their Ten album, what Pearl Jam song opens with the lyrics, “Sheets of empty canvas – untouched sheets of clay – were laid spread out before me – as her body once


What color, complimentary to teal, shares its name with marine invertebrates in the
class Anthozoa? 


What is the last name of the title character in Stephen King’s Carrie?

(07.05) LOGOS

What color is the innermost circle in the current logo for Tide laundry detergent? 

(07.06) MUSIC

Citing influences such as Madonna and Janis Joplin, what is the stage name of American singer-
songwriter Alecia Moore? 

(07.07) ART

In the original LOVE painting by Robert Indiana, what color are the letters?

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