Who We Are As a Company

We can’t just tell the world who we are and expect them to get it.

‘Nana’ was my great grandmother.  She was one of those extraordinary women from a generation practically defunct.  Equal parts tough and kind, all parts wise.  She used to say, “If you wait long enough, you will get a chance to say what’s on your mind.”

As businesses, we can’t always say everything at once, though we feel the need to.  We are the low cost printing solution.  We have the pretty website.  We are a fair trade company.  We can tell people all day about what we are as a company, but only when we’ve earned their trust can we begin to tell them who we are as a company.

At Last Call Trivia, we can sell someone immediately on the “what” – our entertaining game formats or our creative trivia questions or our win-win relationship with our clients – but that is only a paragraph of the story that we tell.  It takes those carefully-worded responses to question disputes and constant improvements to our leagues and charity events and player appreciation tokens to get to say who we really are as a company.

And that takes time.  We shouldn’t get the right to say that right away. So stick around and we’ll show you.


Weekly Hints

01.09 – 01.15 | Captain Marvel, General Zod, Lieutenant Dan, Majors, Marshall, Sargent, and Soldier Field

01.16 – 01.22 | Bentley, Benzene, Boil, Bone, Bonobos, Borneo, and Bosch

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