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Last Call Trivia App

(first things first)

The Last Call Trivia gameplay app is available for download on iPhone in the Apple App Store and on Android in the Google Play Store. It is free to download and takes up very little space. 

One member per team will need to have the app downloaded to submit their team’s answers. The app serves as an easy-to-use method for players to submit their answer to the Trivia host.


-Breakout Room functionality

-what do participants need to know

-create copy-and-paste template for point of contact to send to their participants with Zoom code/link and what to expect

-how do participants answer questions (jump to app and Breakout Room)

-how are the virtual events hosted (first part of Zoom basics)

-Zoom security and why it should be used (“Do we have to use Zoom?”)

-Do all participants need a laptop (yes, some devices don’t work well with Breakout Room functionality)

-what do i need to do? (“nothing! We set everything up and share the info with you. Let us manage your event and you sit back and relax. You don’t have to worry about it, just share this info with your group. Host will manage everything.”) Ease their mind if they’re not tech savvy

-Virtual Game Rules (jump to that section)

-How long are Virtual Events? (jump to format options)

-each question lasts about 3 minutes for teams to answer (add to reminder, too)

-Pricing: contact Jen!

Active Installs

Zoom Basics

Zoom is free to use for participants, though a paid Zoom account is needed by the host of the event. Last Call Trivia has a Professional Zoom account, which allows for up to 100 participants. 


Most of what you need will be sent to you via email leading up to the event.

Pro Tip

Even if all of your participants are familiar with Zoom, it often takes several minutes at the beginning of events to settle in. Keep this in mind when determining the length of time you want the event to last.



1hr Trivia
  • Network 0-25 ($12/person)
  • Network 25-50 ($10/person)
  • Network 50-100 ($7/person)


1.5hr Trivia
  • Network 0-25 ($15/person)
  • Network 25-50 ($13/person)
  • Network 50-100 ($10/person)


2hr Trivia/Feud
  • Network 0-25 ($17/person)
  • Network 25-50 ($15/person)
  • Network 50-100 ($13/person)

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Game Rules

While the host will explain the rules verbally to participants at the beginning of the game, please see below for the rules and best practices. If you’d like to share this with participants in advance of the event, it may expedite the beginning of the event and get the fun started sooner!


  • General Rules
    • Do not “shout out” or “type out” answers while in the main Zoom room.
    • Do not cheat! Only use the resources of your brain and your teammates’ brains. No maps, no calculators, and certainly no Googling!
    • Assign a Team Captain. That person will be responsible for submitting the team’s answer to the Trivia Host.
      • That person should make sure the Last Call Trivia app is downloaded to their smartphone to submit their team’s answers and point wagers through the app for each question.
    • Have fun! 
  • Last Call Trivia Rules
    • Each round of Trivia will contain three questions, which will be asked one at a time. 
    • The three categories for the round’s questions will  be announced at the beginning of each round.
    • Each question will be read aloud by the host, and then teams will have a minute or two to discuss their answer and determine a point wager within their Breakout Room.
      • There are three point wagers available to utilize each once in the round. The wagers are 1, 3 and 6 in early game play and increase to 2, 5, and 7 later in the game (dependent on length of game chosen).
      • Each wager may only be used once (and only once!) per round, however they may be used in any order the team chooses. If a team feels confident that they know the answer to the first question in the round and wagers 6 points, they must assign the remaining two wagers of 1 and 3 (or 3 and 1)  to the sequential two questions.
      • There is no penalty for wrong answers, so teams may as well guess at every question. The worst that happens is that the team receives 0 points for a wrong guess.
    • Bonus questions separate rounds and are always answered by number.
      • Teams are unlikely to know the exact numeric answer, but should do their best to guess as close as possible. 
      • “Price is Right rules” do not apply, so teams can guess higher than the correct answer without penalty.
      • The half of the teams that guess closest to the correct numeric answer will receive 1 bonus point. The Trivia Host will announce which teams score a point once all answers have been submitted.
    • Depending on the length of your event, there may be a Halftime Question.
      • There are four or more answers to the Halftime question, and each team may submit their four best guesses. 
      • 2 points will be awarded for each correct guess (maximum of four guesses), and an extra point will be awarded to teams who get all four of their guesses correct. Teams may score 0,2,4,6,or 9 points on Halftime.
    • The Final Question is a multiple answer question, often four or five parts, on which teams can wager up to 15 points.
      • If any part of the answer submitted is incorrect, the team will lose the points they have chosen to wager (0-15). 
      • Common styles of Final Questions include matching, placing items in order, 50/50, etc.
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