Adrian Deiss

Growing up on the outskirts of Boring, Oregon, my parents figured out quickly that “lil’ Adrian” was a precocious, energetic being that needed every distraction to keep me occupied. From year-round swimming to biking myself to soccer and baseball practices, I grew up in the last golden-age of childhood when parents trusted kids to raise each other instead of helicoptering over every aspect of their children’s lives. My family also owned a video store, which, for frame of reference, was put out of business when Blockbuster opened, so I’ve seen just about every 80’s movie ever, which is great if we’re playing Trivial Pursuit Genus II, but doesn’t pack quite as much punch on a resume.

Speaking of resumes…In addition to hosting trivia all over Portland and recruiting new trivia hosts for Last Call nationwide, I have also achieved my dream of becoming one of those “most interesting 40-year-olds” Baz Luhrmann talks about in that “Sunscreen” song. I have worked in education as a teacher, reading specialist, and coach of just about every sport imaginable; in terrible jobs that we should train robots to do like garbage transfer station attendant and butcher; and in many service-industry professions like golf courses, restaurants, and my current bartending position at the new TopGolf venue in Portland!

My passions include everything about my wife and 4 children, golfing and other outdoor sports, the University of Oregon Ducks sports teams, and especially making my unique “mixtapes” for each trivia show I host!

If you’re ever in Portland, check out one of my shows! I go by “Dice” when I’m on the microphone, mostly because Rocky ruined the name “Adrian” for all of us. True story, we Adrians have clandestine conversations about the whole “Yo Adrian” thing.
Good luck trivia teams!
Adrian “Dice” Deiss