Announcing the First Bids for Ludimentis 2016

All of the teams listed here are officially invited to attend the National Trivia Championship at Ludimentis 2016. (What's Ludimentis?)
*Invitations went out to the team captain via email on April 22, 2015. If you have questions, please email
*Teams, to reserve your spot at Ludimentis 2016 (Saturday, April 23 2016), respond to your invitation and pay your entry fee before the next league ends on July 25, 2015.

Last Call Trivia League

Congratulations to your eight City Tournament Champions!

City Team Name Score
Boise Elevator Music by Ray Rice 53
Cincinnati 89.3 Trivia Tuesday 87
Cleveland Porn on the Cob 63
Columbus Cones of Dunshire 60
Louisville BEric 69
Phoenix Superfluous Papillary 66
Pittsburgh Meth Lab for Cutie 84
Portland Sit UBU Sit 67

The following teams had the top 25 (okay, 26, there was a tie) highest scores at the City Tournament Winter Finals.

1 Cincinnati Amanda Hugenkiss 86
2 Cincinnati The Oneders 85
3 Cincinnati Tyrannosaurs Sex 81
4 Pittsburgh Rutherford B Hayes 70
5 Cincinnati Liquor Chest 65
6 Louisville Killer Amoeba 65
7 Portland Disco Stank 63
8 Cleveland Bazinga 61
9 Louisville The Usurpers 61
10 Portland Jehovah’s Witness PP 61
11 Cleveland Lithuanian Militia 60
12 Louisville I Thought This Was SpeedDating 59
13 Phoenix tactical sedans 59
14 Pittsburgh Cash Bash 59
15 Louisville The Confusements 58
16 Phoenix little lebowski urban achievers 55
17 Cincinnati Ronaissance Men 54
18 Cincinnati The B Team 54
19 Louisville We Are Groot 54
20 Columbus CumLordz 54
21 Cincinnati Chocolate Is Not A Fruit 53
22 Boise Tula Does the Hula 52
23 Cincinnati Larry’s Homework 51
24 Louisville No Exit 51
25 Cincinnati Tequila Mockingbird 50
25 Louisville Red Hot Trivia Peppers 50


For those of us with curious minds, here’s a pie chart showing all of the teams, by city, who earned bids in this first round:

Bids to Ludimentis


Want a chance to earn a bid to the National Trivia Championship at Ludimentis in the next round? Play in the Summer League for free. Get all the information you need about how our leagues work (Spoiler: it’s easy, free, and fun) on our website:

Boise | Cincinnati | Cleveland | Columbus | Louisville | Phoenix | Pittsburgh | Portland


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