★ NEW SHOW: Forest City Brewery (Cleveland)

Feud on Tuesdays at Starting 9/6/18 Come early for happy hour from 4-6pm Play to win $30, $20, $10 NAME: Place NAME: Place NAME: Place NAME: Place Facebook Instagram Twitter 

Team Spotlight: 89.3 Trivia Tuesday

Were you trivia fans before Last Call? 89.3 TT (Sean Cannon): Yes! I actually started with trivia as a kid playing Trivial Pursuit and reading (and re-reading) the Fred L. Worth Trivia Encyclopedia. When Jeopardy came back on the air in 1984, my aunt used to watch it religiously and I did too. How did …

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Monthly Highlights

Team Spotlight Meet 89.3 Trivia Tuesday, a team passionate about trivia and friendship. Read All About Them The Next Last Call Trivia Theme Week is Coming September 24-27. Check it out and see an ongoing list of participating locations in your city. Also, Fall League has begun! Be sure to get out there and play. …

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Question of the Day

What was the first music video ever aired on MTV? Metallica is the first and only band to play on all seven continents.

Question of the Day

2.6 million Kenyans practice what officially unrecognized “sport”? Most of the world’s fastest runners come from a single tribe in Kenya, Africa, called the “Kalenjins.”

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