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Our brand new Trivia Night starts soon! Gather your nerdy friends for a fun night of Trivia every Wednesday at 7pm (insert your day and time here). We’re giving away $30, $20, and $15 to the top 3 teams and our famous beer-battered pretzels are half-off during Trivia.

Trivia Question

What drink holds the title as the official state beverage for the most states in the U.S.? Before you look at the answer, take a guess! Type in your answer in the comment box below.

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Use this form if a host already has an account at New Last Call Trivia Host – Update User All users submitted through this form will automatically be added as Subscribers and placed in the “emcee” group. Email* First Name Last Name CityBoiseCincinnatiClevelandColumbusLouisvillePittsburghPortland EquipmentYesNoOther Google Drive Folder URL Boise Cincinnati Cleveland Columbus Louisville Pittsburgh …

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Weekly Facebook Idea

Sweeping a round with your team > sweeping a rock with your team. Don’t get me wrong, curling is probably the coolest Olympic sport out there, but which of those guys has ever won a Trivia Night? See you tonight at 7pm!

Weekly Facebook Idea

A pair on ice > pairs on ice. Or, have it all at Trivia Night tonight at 7pm!

Weekly Facebook Idea

“Are you a self-proclaimed ‘nerd’? You can thank Dr. Seuss for that and celebrate with your nerdy friends tonight at Trivia!”

Weekly Facebook Ideas

Weekly Facebook Ideas Each week, the Last Call Trivia Marketing Team publishes ideas to help you promote your Trivia Night. Enter your information below to have these ideas sent right to your inbox. Subscribe to Weekly Facebook Ideas Email* Name Bar Name Zip Code PhoneThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Weekly Facebook Idea

“Who else looks forward to Trivia Night all day long? We can’t wait to see you tonight at 7:00pm!” Here are some more trivia questions you can share to your page…

Weekly Facebook Idea

“What is the only number whose letters are arranged in alphabetical order?” Find out the answer and come prepared for lots of learning, drinking, and FUN! See you tonight for Trivia at 7pm. Share

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