What is Last Call Trivia Doing For Me?

Hey, Bar Owner!

Last Call Trivia wants your event to be as successful as possible and we are working every day to make that happen. Sometimes it’s hard to understand everything we’re doing since much of it happens behind-the-scenes. That’s why we created this page: to demonstrate our dedication to your event’s success.

Here is a summary of all the things we do year-round to make sure you’re getting the best promotion for your Last Call Trivia event.

Customized Flyers

We'll send you a digital copy of customized promotional flyers to put up all over your venue for people to see.

Huge Social Network

We provide relevant, fun, and interesting information on social media to attract more players into our network, which means more people available to come to your event.

Facebook Events

When you sign up with Last Call Trivia, we create a unique Facebook event and send you co-host request. By accepting the request, you'll reach twice as many people with your event promotion.

Excellent Hosts

We encourage our hosts to post about your event on social media for all the folks in your local community to see.

Map and Schedule

Your bar will show up on our interactive map and our schedule page (where players can mark your show as their favorite and keep track of any changes).

Paid Promotion

We advertise our venues through paid ads, blog posts, and our newsletter to drive players to your event.


If you ever need anything, just call, text, or email. When you’re successful, we’re successful.


General Knowledge questions with lots of fun categories and a wagering system.


In addition to questions in all sorts of categories, from music to science to history to television, Trivia comes stocked with a HUGE network of league players. Thanks to recurring tournaments, an online scoreboard, and a love of Trivia, you’ll have guests returning week after week. 


You don’t have to know the right answer to have fun playing Feud. Last Call Feud is our spin on the classic Family Feud style game, where we challenge teams to identify the top surveyed answers rather than identifying the single correct answer. This fun twist on Trivia Night will attract a whole new kind of crowd. 


Based on the people we surveyed, guess the most popular answer.


Mark off songs on your Bingo card.


Last Call Music Bingo is a combination of classic bingo and your favorite tunes. Sing, dance, and reminisce with your friends. You don’t have to worry about points or strategy with Music Bingo; all you need is your love of music and maybe a little luck. 

Keep scrolling for even more ideas about taking your promotion to the next level. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any specific concerns about your bar’s event.


Your Partners at Last Call Trivia

We are constantly growing, then sending people in your area to your bar's Trivia Night.

- Last Call Trivia Marketing


Here are some creative ideas we've given to our clients in the past that have proven successful.

  • Start a house team! If your staff is excited and interested in Trivia, patrons will be as well. If the staff wins, they put the prize in a rolling pot, which allows you to offer double the winnings the following week. This also creates a fun little competition among the staff and patrons each week.
  • Take pictures each week of the winning team and post them on Facebook. Tag the winners so they can like and share your post. Their friends will see how much fun they had and hopefully join them next time. Tag us at @trivialovers, @lastcalltrivia, or #lastcalltrivia and we will also interact with your post so that our network can see, too.
  • If you need a little help coming up with fun promotional ideas, we deliver a weekly post right to your inbox.
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