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Hey, bar owner! You're at the right place. We care about your business and our partnership together. We're dedicated to making your Trivia, Feud, or Music Bingo night the best it can be.

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Trivia Night

  • Fill your seats
  • Attract the right crowd
  • Gain return customers week after week


You choose the event date and time.

We promote your event.

You get a stellar Trivia Night.



2 Hours, 24 questions with music in between.
Including bonus, halftime, final, and theme round.

Sample Question: 
What is the third most populous city in the third most populous country in the world?
A: Chicago


2 hours, 28 questions, with music in-between. Including bonus, halftime, and final.

Sample Question:
Name something you can never find when you need it.
5pts: Keys     3pts: Remote Control     1pt: Tape


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