Billy tells us about Ludimentis

What’s Billy doing? Studying for Ludimentis, of course.

If you don’t have time to watch Billy’s video (2:14), he answers these pressing questions for Last Call Trivia teams:

  • What’s Ludimentis? The national Trivia tournament held each April in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • How do you qualify? League teams play in the seasonal tournaments each Winter, Spring/Summer, and Fall. The 8 city champions and the top 25 teams nationwide earn a bid.
  • What’s the perk? First place gets $6,000, second place gets $3,000, and third place gets $1,000. Plus, there are giveaways, best team name awards, t-shirts, and Survivor Trivia.
  • Okay, tell me more.  Ludimentis is April 29th, 2017 at the Duke Energy Convention Center. April comes fast and the smartest teams in the country will be there, so start studying!

Learn more about Ludimentis 2017.

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