Sing along to your favorite hits

Just Have Fun

It’s easy to play and have fun. While listening and singing along to your favorite hits, cross off the song titles on your Bingo Card.

Multiple Winners

You could win if you are the first person to get a Bingo, a Double Bingo, or a Blackout! There is even a prize for an additional, creative word puzzle for you to play called Lingo.

Awesome Music

Enjoy a unique mix of the top hits from a variety of genres throughout several decades. Each clip features one minute of the most memorable and fun parts of the song! 

Find a Show

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Music Bingo was a great game for me because I'm not a big trivia buff, but with this game, I still had a chance to win. I could still relax and have fun while playing.
The perfect game for happy hour!
This was so much fun! I loved getting to jam to the music while playing.
It's laid back enough that I was still able to carry on my conversations during the game.
I was dancing the whole time!

Your questions answered

You’ll hear a one-minute clip of a song. During that time, take a look at your Bingo Card and see if the song title is on there. The host will then read the title so you get a fair chance to mark it before moving on to the next song.

You’ll get a little bit of everything. The majority of songs are well-known and easy to remember. The goal is not to stump you, but to make sure you’re having a great time.

No, just get to the bar a few minutes before showtime and grab a Bingo sheet (or two) from the host.

Be the first person to get Bingo, a straight-line up and down, side-to-side, or diagonally. Shout “Bingo” and let the host check your Bingo Card.

Or, be the first person to get Double Bingo, the first person to get Blackout (all squares covered), or solve the creative word puzzle at the bottom of your Bingo Card.

That’s a fun, supplemental game for you overachievers out there. While you’re playing Bingo, you’ll get clues about the missing letters based on the first letter of that song’s title.

If you figure it the phrase, shout “Lingo!”

Absolutely! You can provide feedback anytime at or by filling out this survey. Thanks in advance for giving us the opportunity to improve.

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