Birthdays Part 2 – “Today We Celebrate Our Independence Day!”

Of all the holidays I would want to be born on, July 4th would have to be the top of my list. Presents, picnics, parades, and pyrotechnics on your birthday every year? Sign me up! Of course that only works in the United States. What about Independence Days in some of the other countries? What’s interesting or unique about them?

Let’s Celebrate Together! – You know what they say about the Birthday Paradox, there’s a 50% probability that in a room with 23 people at least two will share a birthday (jumps to 99% probability in a room of 70), but in a world of 196 countries…
January 1st – Brunei, Cameroon, Czech Republic, Haiti, Sudan
July 1st – Burundi, Canada, Rwanda, Somalia
August 15th – Congo, India, North Korea, South Korea
September 15th – Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua (Mexico recognizes September 16th)

Is That This Weekend? – Israel is the only country to celebrate independence on a different day each year. Falling on or between April 15th and May 15th, Yom Ha’atzmaut is celebrated on the Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday nearest to 5 lyar on the Hebrew calendar.

Oldest?Switzerland’s declaration against the Roman Empire was established in 1291.

Newest? – South Sudan in 2011.

Wind of Change? – World events have dictated some of the largest influxes in new countries celebrating independence.
1960 – 18 nations, mostly African, decolonialize from France and Great Britain
1991 – 13 countries, most of them celebrating independence from the Soviet Union
1821 – 9 countries, Greece from the Ottomans and most of Central America and Mexico from Spain.
1918 – 8 nations, most declaring freedom from the Russian Empire.

Notable Dates without multiple reasons to Celebrate – February 2nd, February 29th, March 15th, April 1st, October 31st, and December 25th

How did you celebrate your country’s independence? Fireworks and family for me!


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