Announcement about Tunes and Quiz

A few years ago, we introduced a couple new forms of Trivia Night. We called them Tunes (music trivia) and Quiz (a fast-paced, pub style trivia).

Many of you provided feedback and support as we experimented with different concepts and versions of Tunes and Quiz. Flashback: Remember when Tunes asked a question about a song and then played another song while you tried to think of the answer? Talk about having to be on your “A game”!

Over the years, however, Trivia and Feud have proven to be our most popular shows. Trivia is by far the most attended show nationwide, with leagues in almost every city and an annual, national tournament (Ludimentis). Feud is growing faster than any of us anticipated and now has at least one show in almost every city. We can hardly keep up with the demand!

Moving forward, we are going to focus on what we do best by offering our two best shows. We will thus be able to provide higher quality games and leagues for Trivia and Feud. This also means over the course of the next few weeks, we will be phasing out Tunes and Quiz shows (End Date is March 31st).

Thanks to all of the diehard Tunes and Quiz fans out there. We hope you enjoyed the ride and will consider giving a local Feud or Trivia show near you a shot.

For questions or feedback, please email or comment below.


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