Anderson Pub and Grill: Where You can Win at Winning

Author: Laura Settle
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Featuring a great pub atmosphere, Anderson Pub and Grill is
the delightful little sister of long time (and award winning) trivia location Oakley Pub and Grille in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since their opening in September of this year, Anderson Pub and Grill has been the proud host of Last Call Trivia every Thursday. In a town (or rather a suburb) where weeknight bar attendance is somewhat on the pathetic side, APG has been pulling in an increasing number of teams week after week.

But why, you might ask? What differentiates the new APG from other Last Call Trivia venues? Is it the good food? Possibly. The fun atmosphere? Probably. The amazing specials and prizes? Undoubtedly!

anderson pub - food

Possibility #1:

Serving up pizzas, burgers, wings and the most amazing Asian style ‘Cracklin’ Cabbage Salad,’ Anderson Pub and Grill has a custom set up to ensure that everyone can get the dining experience they desire. Split down the middle with a bar pub on one side and a more family friendly restaurant on the other, trivia-goers don’t need to worry about bothering those fools folks who aren’t in attendance to use their brains. You can check out their menu online and show up prepared to order whatever strikes your fancy.

Possibility #2

Offering the stellar amenities that you would expect from a locally owned small business, Anderson Pub and Grill has taken the historic Ground Round building to new heights. Featuring 12 beers on tap as well as tons of bottled and canned selections, APG has a focus on local craft breweries in addition to all of your traditional favorites. Shots more your thing? Try playing with the ‘sharts.’ (No, I’ve been assured its not THAT kind of shart.) You can throw special darts to win discounted shots.

anderson pub - bar

Trivia is just one of the interesting things that you can amuse yourself while there. Local musicians, cornhole, karaoke and darts guarantee amusement. The giant patio? Well, I don’t want to think about that while I’m forced to wear shoes, but I guarantee the first day the weather is uncharacteristically warm, patrons will appreciate the effort that went into that as well.

Possibility #3

Let’s talk about swag. No, not the Justin Bieber sidehat wearing, droopy pants pulling kid of swag. The amazing free stuff you score for showing up at trivia swag! There are of course your standard trivia prizes of $30, $20 and $10 gift cards for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams. Of course, to do so, you’ll have to bring your Last Call Trivia A-game to get those.

But teams aren’t limited to the standard prizes; you also have a chance at winning awesome raffle prizes just for showing up to play. Raffles are pulled during bonus questions, halftime and finals, you just have to be there to win. On any given night at APG you can win anything from Bengals tickets to bar swag to UC tickets. With prizes that awesome, teams get a chance to really show their smart sides.

anderson pub - people

So you tell me, what makes a good trivia location? Food? Drinks? Swag? Atmosphere? At Anderson Pub and Grill you’ll get all of the above. It’s a win-win, whether you actually win or not.

Photos courtesy of Anderson Pub & Grill, Facebook.

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