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Host Music Bingo during Happy Hour

A new event for your weekly line-up

Have you had the same entertainment options for years and your customers are getting bored? Shake up your weekly line up with this fun, new show from Last Call Trivia. Your customers will be dancing and singing along as they compete to be the first one to shout BINGO!

Just Have Fun

It’s easy to play and have fun. While listening and singing along to your favorite hits, cross off the song titles on your Bingo Card.

Multiple Winners

You could win if you are the first person to get a Bingo, a Double Bingo, or a Blackout! There is even a prize for an additional, creative word puzzle for you to play called Lingo.

Awesome Music

Enjoy a unique mix of the top hits from a variety of genres throughout several decades. Each clip features one minute of the most memorable and fun parts of the song! 

Music Bingo Format Options

One-Hour Bingo Show

Are you looking to enhance or extend your happy hour?  Create the perfect segue for your guests with this one hour Music Bingo game.

Two, one-hour shows

Looking to provide a great vibe with a full night of entertainment on one of your slower nights?  We’ve got you covered! 

Find a Show

Westside Brewing *monthly on 3rd Sunday, next show: 3/21*
SUN 07:00 PM | BINGO
3044 Harrison Ave Cincinnati, OH 45211, Cincinnati, OH
(513) 661-2337
The Pike Bar and Grill
TUE 07:00 PM | BINGO
10010 Springfield Pike, Cincinnati, OH
(513) 772-7453
$8.00 pitchers of Bud, Bud Light, Shock Top |
The Blind Squirrel *NEW SHOW*
WED 05:30 PM | BINGO
592 N. English Station Road, Louisville, KY 40223, Louisville, KY
(502) 384-6761
Dean's Hops and Vines *NEW SHOW*
FRI 07:00 PM | BINGO
3722 Harrison Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45211, Cincinnati, OH
(513) 515-3215
$1.00 off draft and well drinks from 4-8! |

People come back again and again to play Music Bingo

Your questions answered

You’ll hear a one-minute clip of a song. During that time, take a look at your Bingo Card and see if the song title is on there. The host will then read the title so you get a fair chance to mark it before moving on to the next song.

You’ll get a little bit of everything. The majority of songs are well-known and easy to remember. The goal is not to stump you, but to make sure you’re having a great time.

No, just get to the bar a few minutes before showtime and grab a Bingo sheet (or two) from the host.

Be the first person to get Bingo, a straight-line up and down, side-to-side, or diagonally. Shout “Bingo” and let the host check your Bingo Card.

Or, be the first person to get Double Bingo, the first person to get Blackout (all squares covered), or solve the creative word puzzle at the bottom of your Bingo Card.

That’s a fun, supplemental game for you overachievers out there. While you’re playing Bingo, you’ll get clues about the missing letters based on the first letter of that song’s title.

If you figure it the phrase, shout “Lingo!”

Absolutely! You can provide feedback anytime at or by filling out this survey. Thanks in advance for giving us the opportunity to improve.

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Brooklynn Holtz

I’ve had just about every job there is. I’ve dressed in velvet ball gowns at Disney World, been guilty of murder at a dinner theatre, and offered to pour coffee in TV commercials. It probably comes as no surprise, then, that I responded to a Craigslist ad calling for Trivia Night Hosts back in January 2012. I quickly moved on to Sales, followed by Management, and finally, Marketing, where I now manage big picture efforts to spread our love of Trivia to the world. When I’m not spreading the love, I have dance parties in my living room, listen to funky jazz music, and daydream about a better world.

Weekly Hints

02.28 – 03.06 | Control, Coupe, Eggs, Lee, Promises, Seventeen, and Toys

03.07 – 03.13 | Hemingway, Jordan, Marie Curie, Marlin, Ponce de Leon, Rose, and Spruce Goose

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