Choosing the Right Game for Your Venue

As a child, I was always frustrated by the multiple-choice, standardized tests that asked you to pick the BEST answer for the question. How could there be a BEST answer? Why wasn’t there just one correct answer and three wrong answers? Maybe that’s just the overly-organized, OCD part of me, but it used to stress me out and make me fear that I was picking the second best answer, if not the worst.

Well, good news! With Last Call, there are four, equally fun, correct answers (read: games). So, how do you choose the BEST answer for your bar? Don’t stress yourself out, I’m here to help!

Plenty of Options

Trivia: The bread and butter of Last Call, Trivia is the most popular, well-known of the four games. General knowledge questions challenge teams to rack their brains. Trivia is a great choice if your venue has a variety of clientele, as it appeals to the masses. With 3 Trivia Leagues and 3 City Tournaments a year, plus a National Trivia Championship at Ludimentis, there is cold hard cash on the line.

Example Question—What is the third most populous city in the world’s third most populous country? (see answer below)

Tunes: Calling all music lovers! Tunes is Last Call’s take on name-that-tune, but with a creative twist. Tunes is a great option for venues who have a lot of success with live bands, music-lovers, and karaoke.  Last Call Tunes brings out the inner rock star in everyone.

Example Question—Identify the next four lyrics when the music stops. “Is this real life? Is this just fantasy?…” (see answer below)

Quiz: Can’t decide which game your clientele will like the best? Quiz to the rescue. With a variety of rounds like Theme Trivia, Spelling Bee, Word Play, Music Round, and Not Your Average Trivia, there is a round for everyone’s strengths. Quiz is a great choice if you can’t choose just one game (like me on those darned “best answer” tests), as it combines a little bit of everything.

Example Question—Movie Limericks: One owns a gym that’s a dud/The other thinks he’s a muscular stud/They get into brawls/With red rubber balls/Nobody makes me bleed my own blood (see answer below)

Feud: Survey says….Last Call Feud is a hit! Teams are challenged to come up with one of the top three answers to a variety of survey questions. Teams can either go for any one of the top three responses, OR they can risk all or nothing and try to get all three responses. Feud is for a crowd looking to have fun, laugh, and have a great night out with friends.

Example Question—Name a beer that comes in a green bottle. (see answer below)

You Can’t Go Wrong

No matter which game you choose, your venue will benefit from Last Call’s creative games, clever marketing, and addictive entertainment. Use the guide above to help choose which game suits your venue the best, or if that sounds like too much pressure, you can always go the eenie, meenie, miney, mo method.

Answers: Chicago; “Caught in a landslide”; Dodgeball; 1.Heineken, 2. Rolling Rock, 3. Becks

Weekly Hints

10.17 – 10.23 | Butterbean, Dorf, Drexel, Longhorn, Lotus, Pangolin, and Taos


10.24 – 10.30 | Bangor, Eye, Geneva, Lemur, Lupus, Odysseus, and Sandstorm


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