Expect to change

One of the greatest traits a business can develop is an expectancy of change.  Flexibility is not enough.  Today’s economy calls for a five-course meal whose menu is changing every day.  Change is not trendy or nichey or something reserved only for forward-thinking startups; it is now the standard.  And the smart companies are making expected change an integral part of their goal-setting.

Companies are like individuals in that they are always learning and growing, some times more than other times.  If you’re not constantly evolving as a company, then you’re already on your way down.  The minute you become complacent is the minute you’ve lost your competitive edge.

At Last Call, we pride ourselves on thinking 10 steps ahead.  We’ve made missteps though, and it’s because of those missteps that we’ve learned to make more calculated decisions.  Once a misstep has been made, the important thing is to admit it and fix it immediately.  Many companies resist change, and when they make a misstep, it makes it more frightening to fix it because it requires even more change.

In anticipation of our growing leagues and the introduction of our Annual National Trivia Championship, Ludimentis, we made a big decision last Spring to reorganize the Last Call Nation into regions for increased competition, greater exposure, and bigger prizes.  After getting lots of feedback from our loyal network, we realized that localized tournaments were the way to go and that all of the benefits we tried to implement in the original restructure should be reserved for Ludimentis.

We could have been stubborn and stuck to the ‘our way or the highway’ mentality, but we didn’t.  We expect to change.  So when we make a misstep, we are ready to fix it as soon as possible and move on to trying to anticipate the next change to better our company.  This is a big reason why we continually stay ahead of our competition.

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10.17 – 10.23 | Butterbean, Dorf, Drexel, Longhorn, Lotus, Pangolin, and Taos


10.24 – 10.30 | Bangor, Eye, Geneva, Lemur, Lupus, Odysseus, and Sandstorm


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