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How to Save Your Bar, Olivia Pope Style

“It’s handled.” Those are two words every bar owner or manager dreams of hearing. Well, great news, bar owners! I’m here to tell you, “it’s handled.” We at Last Call Productions handle everything. Though Last Call’s games are not quite as Scandalous as saving Washington, D.C. big wigs or the fate of the free world, we can help save your bar, one trivia night at a time.


Question Writing 

It all starts with our skilled team of question writers who professionally research, write, edit, check, and double check our creative, fun, challenging, and entertaining shows. We couldn’t do it without our talented writers!

Next, we’ll step in and promote using internal and external marketing tools that we’ve perfected. Whether you are looking to attract a bar crowd, a larger dinner rush, or bring in a younger (or older) clientele, we can help make it happen. Bottom line: we help bring our variety of trivia fanatics to your bar or restaurant!

Then, the host arrives the night of the show and takes care of absolutely everything. They bring and set up their equipment, they provide all of the game materials for the teams,  and they entertain the crowd from start to finish.  You won’t have to do a thing other than sit back and watch your bar fill up!

Whether you’re #TeamJake, #TeamFitz, or #TeamOlivia, we hope that you’ll be #TeamLastCall so that we can handle everything for you.  Next time you’re looking for some help boosting sales, contact your local Gladiators at Last Call Productions, and we’ll handle it.

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Weekly Hints

11.28 – 12.04 | Alice Walker, Cloris Leachman, Frances Bavier, Julianna Margulies, Margaret Atwood, Maya Angelou, and Shirley MacLaine

12.05 – 12.11 | Cetology, Dodo, Ergometer, Golgi Apparatus, Hydrophobic, Pfizer, and Thiamin

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