Last Call Spotlight on: Northeast Ohio

From time to time, Last Call likes to focus on what’s happening in our various regions.  We run shows everywhere from Portland to Phoenix to Pittsburgh, as well as some places that *don’t* start with “P”.  We’ve showcased different bars, many hosts, and even our true superstars, our teams.

You’ve seen some tweaks to how we are posting on our blog, and we are shaking up our regional coverage, too.  Instead of offering these as separate bits, in three separate posts, we are now rolling them into one convenient regional post.

Since I am writing these features, I decided to be selfish start locally and focus on my new show at Frank’s Place on Market.

This is Franks!

If you first walk into Frank’s Place on Market on a sunny day, it will take a minute for your eyes to adjust to the room.  It seems dark,  but only compared to the blinding light outside.  As your eyes adjust, you’ll take in the horseshoe shaped bar, the hundreds of t-shirts from local stores, charities, and even other bars that plaster the walls, and eventually the smiling bar staff.  If you’re lucky, you’ll even get a chance to meet the owner, Frank Horvath.

That’s him riding the biplane on the bar logo.  If you see him in person, you’ll notice two things right away: he’s since shaved the mustache and his eyes are much calmer.  After a second or two, you’ll notice his smile as he welcomes you into his place, and asks what you’ll have.

The Real Frank

Franks is a rarity in today’s niche-focused, market segment driven world – it’s a true neighborhood bar.  On any given night you’ll see patrons ranging from just-legal college age folks to retirees, and regulars from every walk of life between.  Frank’s welcomes everyone with great drink prices and a killer menu.  It’s a point of pride that he hires actual chefs, not just cooks who drop something from a freezer into a deep fryer.

Frank’s is very much a part of the community – they support local charities and run an annual auction at Christmastime to benefit children in need.  They have even entered the Summit County Softball Hall of Fame by sponsoring teams for two decades. Frank’s also runs vacations and getaways for their patrons – this has run the gamut from skiing weekends to whitewater rafting. (In 2016, it’s seven days in Cancun – details here .)

All Artistic-Like!
Nighthawks at Frank’s

It’s won’t be Cheers right away – everybody won’t know your name when you come in the first time.

That will have to wait until you come back.
And our HOTM, Me!

I’m so vain. . .

RC: What’s your favorite Last Call show to host?  Feud? Tunes? Trivia?

ME: I love trivia, but I have hosted the old Buffalo show, and love the oddball categories/question types.

RC: What question types/categories do you love / always get right?

ME: I love me some SF/Fantasy novels and comic books.  That said, they don’t come up that much.

RC: What gaps are in your trivia knowledge / questions you suck at?

ME: Anyone who knows me has some idea that I have some holes in my sports information.  (Or to be more honest, a giant gaping void in the brain area that most people keep sports knowledge in.)

RC: What’s the best *wrong* answer a team has given you? (Or even just a few funny ones, if you remember.)

ME: I get a ton of these each week.  Recently, there was a question asking what famous author was buried in Tarzana, California.  One team wrote “That guy who totes wrote Tarzan?”  I wound up including “Totes” in almost every question and answer the rest of the night.

My all-time favorite is from the question:

“What four-word sweet-sounding idiom refers to something good that is added to another good thing?”

The correct answer was “icing on the cake” but my folks answered it with:

Wrong, but right?

That same team answered “What was left behind in Pandora’s box?” with “Gweneth Paltrow’s Head.”
RC: What are some of your favorite/funniest/filthiest team names?

ME: My regulars all gave great names, but the one that made me smile every time I read it out loud was at a gig I subbed in for.  The team was “Sofa Kingdom.”

RC: Do you try to tailor your setlist to the questions?  (Not exactly for clues, but even thematically?)

ME: Yes, I try to always have some connection from the question to the song – even if it’s only in my mind.  Although one time there was a question about cleft palate, and I played a Go-Go’s song.

RC: Do you have favorite songs to include or theme music that you start with every week?

ME: I start each week with Allouette by the Delta Rhythm Boys and then fade it down as I introduce myself, and explain the rules.  When there is a moon landing / Apollo program question, I usually play one of several different versions I have of Fly Me To The Moon, usually Bobby Womack’s. I’m super cheesy that way, but folks claim they enjoy it.

RC: What are some ways a team can get on your bad side? / What do successful teams do well?

ME: It always drives me up a wall when a team folds their answer sheet into something the size of an aspirin with a thousand folds in it, and it takes half a song to unfold it so you can see what their answer is.  My regulars are great at avoiding this, but new teams must think they are delivering me their half of the Coke formula.

Also, don’t make me check the math on your score while I am about to read a question. Wait for the song to start.  Nobody likes to listen to me do math on-mic with you.

RC: What is your favorite power-up in Super Mario Brothers?  Fire-flower?  Tanooki/Flying Raccoon suit? Star of invincibility?

ME: Honestly, I’m still waiting for that one single straight piece.  If one more of those wrong way “L” blocks comes down I’m gonna scream!!!!



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