National Trivia Championship

The National Trivia Championship is the pride and pinnacle of Ludimentis. It is the official trivia show for bid-earning teams only. The cash prize pool of $10,000 is awarded to the top teams and the 1st place winner wins the title of Last Call Champion.

Only the best, brightest, and most dedicated teams will be in attendance.


The best teams in the Last Call nation earn their bids at the City Tournament Finals from the Winter, Summer, and Fall leagues.

To learn more about how to enroll in our league and secure your bid to Ludimentis 2016, check out your city’s league:

Boise | Cincinnati | Cleveland | Columbus | Louisville | Phoenix | Pittsburgh | Portland


Official invitations are sent via email to the team captains of qualified teams. If you did not receive an invitation or have any questions, please get in touch with

Entry Fee

We have worked hard to drive down the price of the entry fee, which is necessary to help offset the costs of putting on an event this large. Inviting 600+ people causes expenses to add up quickly.

Once we got the entry fee down to $60, ($10 per person for an average team), we felt it was fair to move forward. Any profit made by Ludimentis 2016 will go directly to charity.

If you have further questions about this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with


All team members must register at the same time in order to receive a wristband and admittance into the National Trivia Championship at Ludimentis. You will receive further details about this before the event.

Prize Pool

We’re giving away $10,000 in cash and prizes at the National Trivia Championship at Ludimentis 2015! We’re also giving away door prizes, raffle prizes, and more surprises along the way.
1st Place – $6,000
2nd Place – $3,000
3rd Place – $1,000


You can expect the same general format as all of our Last Call Trivia shows. The tie-breaker will be structured like Survivor Trivia.

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Brooklynn Holtz

I’ve had just about every job there is. I’ve dressed in velvet ball gowns at Disney World, been guilty of murder at a dinner theatre, and offered to pour coffee in TV commercials. It probably comes as no surprise, then, that I responded to a Craigslist ad calling for Trivia Night Hosts back in January 2012. I quickly moved on to Sales, followed by Management, and finally, Marketing, where I now manage big picture efforts to spread our love of Trivia to the world. When I’m not spreading the love, I have dance parties in my living room, listen to funky jazz music, and daydream about a better world.

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