Make your trivia patrons feel special–with specials!

There is no better way to reward your loyal customers and Trivia teams than with food and drink specials. Some trivia teams have even expressed that the reason they didn’t return to a venue was due to a lack of specials. Don’t let your venue fall into this trap! Here are some ideas on how to incorporate  great specials into your Trivia night.

Themed Specials

Have fun with a creative and aptly named cocktail that you offer only to Trivia teams. You can come up with a clever name like “Brain Buster Martini,” “Trivia Tequila Sunrise,” or even mixed drinks that already have “smart” names like “Smarty” or “Three Wise Men.” Let your bartenders get involved with a drink making and drink naming contest, and have your trivia teams be the judges!

Craft Specials

The rise of craft breweries across the country is something to capitalize on.  People are pairing boldly flavored beer with their meals, instead of always relying on their good, old favorites. Offer a special on a different craft beer each week, as teams are more likely to give them a try if they are at a discounted rate. You may do them a favor by introducing them to their new favorite beer, and then they’ll do you a favor by ordering it in the following weeks, after it is no longer a special. Local breweries may even want to pair up for a pint night or tap takeover!

Popular Specials

When in doubt, domestic bottles or drafts and traditional bar food specials go a long way. Budweiser, Miller, pizza, wings–you name it and trivia players will order it!  Why not give the majority of the people what they want?

Specials keep trivia teams happy. Happy trivia teams return every week for more specials. It’s the circle of life. Or at least the circle of business!

Weekly Hints

10.17 – 10.23 | Butterbean, Dorf, Drexel, Longhorn, Lotus, Pangolin, and Taos


10.24 – 10.30 | Bangor, Eye, Geneva, Lemur, Lupus, Odysseus, and Sandstorm


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