Murphy’s Trivia: No Irish Joke

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There are certain things that you, the players, can expect when attending a trivia night at Murphy’s Pub.

You will always get drinks at great prices. You will always have access to free popcorn and hotdogs. You will more than likely get to participate in a group sing-a-long to a classic hit. And you will always have the chance of taking home a 1st place prize of $100! What’s that? Worried that you won’t come in 1st? Well there’s always the $60 set aside for the 2nd place team!

With the best prizes is town, trivia at Murphy’s is no joking matter.

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Walking into Murphy’s Pub is like walking into the past; dark wood, dim lights and the smell of history (history smells like spilled beer and sawdust, just FYI). Operating as a bar under various names since 1938, Murphy’s is nestled in the Clifton Heights neighborhood of Cincinnati. With the University of Cincinnati in their backyard, Murphy’s is one of many, many drinking establishments in the area.

Murphys back in the old days.
Murphy’s back in the old days.

What sets them apart, however, is their atmosphere. Equal parts of a neighborhood hangout, a college bar, and a historical landmark, Murphy’s everything needed for a cool bar. Pool, darts, an awesome patio, two bars, and of course, Last Call Trivia.

Known for hosting “spontaneous live entertainment” instead of booking entertainers and events, Murphy’s has broken their typical rules to bring in Last Call to host Feud every Tuesday and Trivia every Saturday. Offering two of the few 9:00 p.m. shows in town, Murphy’s has grown to be one of the best venues in Cincinnati.

Stop in to show off your Trivia and Feud skills, grab a bite to eat and rock out with us.

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