The Man Who Invented Sports

Author: Laura Settle
Topic: Host of the Month


We’ve all heard it. In the last year and a half it’s slowly been replacing the time honored trivia battle cry of “SCIENCE” as the thing most likely to be heard at a Last Call Trivia night in Cincinnati. And one man stands behind this transition.

A player. A host. A Last Call legend. There is only one Matt Hook. (FYI, the information for this blog was purchased with the promise of flattery.)

Like most hosts that work with Last Call, Matt Hook got his start playing trivia, originally once a week, and then joining our Last Call Trivia League. After about a year of playing, in August of 2012, he met an amazing host (she might or might not be writing this) who told him what a great job he could have with Last Call. (She recognizes talent when she sees it. I mean, come on, look at that Blue Steel!)

Host of month - Matt Hook
Blue steel – business style

By day he pretends to be a mild mannered business man, working in digital marketing for Naked Lime Marketing and coaching track at Moeller High School, but by night Matt is one of the most unabashed trivia hosts in the Last Call family. When asked what he likes best about being a trivia host, Matt responded, with zero hesitation, “Being an idiot on the microphone.” He loves to entertain and that certainly comes through at his trivia shows. He has zero shame and expects the same of his teams.

“Well, my teams will tell you I do NOT let silly answers go. So when we play, if something dumb or silly gets turned in, they get called out on it. [Once] on a bonus question about how many Barbies are sold every minute, someone turned in an answer of 200,000. The answer was 20.  I was like ‘200K? Everyone in the world would have one in like a week, and those things are not cheap!’”

Matt tells it like it is, no matter what. When asked what the hardest part of hosting is, he responded “There is no hard part…. That’s what she said!!!” And there you have it folks. What else can you ask for in a job? Or in a Last Call host for that matter. If you would like to attend one of Matt’s shows for a dose of pure, unadulterated trivia, stop into Next Chapter in Mt. Adams every Wednesday night at 7:00.

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Weekly Hints

11.28 – 12.04 | Alice Walker, Cloris Leachman, Frances Bavier, Julianna Margulies, Margaret Atwood, Maya Angelou, and Shirley MacLaine

12.05 – 12.11 | Cetology, Dodo, Ergometer, Golgi Apparatus, Hydrophobic, Pfizer, and Thiamin

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