3 Tricks for Celebrating Halloween at your Bar

by Brianna LeCompte


If you think Halloween is just for the kids, then we’ve got some spooky news for you – you’re missing out! Halloween is the perfect opportunity to throw a fun celebration that your customers will love. If the only thing coming to mind is pillowcases full of candy, have no fear. Below are three tricks to treat your customers to the ultimate Halloween celebration.

Spice up your menu with festive cocktail offerings.

Halloween is the perfect time of year for seasonal drink specials. In addition to fall staples like pumpkin beers and ciders, consider adding a signature Halloween beverage or two leading up to the holiday.

Looking for an easy option that uses ingredients your bar already has stocked? Try The Grim Reaper:


  • 1 oz Kahlua
  • 1 oz white rum
  • Dash of grenadine



Pour Kahlua and rum into a highball glass. Add ice cubes and pour the grenadine over the top for a red tint. Serve immediately.

Specialty drinks are always a hit, try adding several to your menu around Halloween so your customers can enjoy a festive treat!

Create a spooky ambiance.

Social media provides an opportunity for free advertising, especially when it comes to holidays and special events. By adding decorations and changing the atmosphere of your bar to fit the season, you encourage your customers to take note, and share their experience with all of their friends.

If your staff are the creative type, have them carve pumpkins for display. You can even have your customers vote on their favorite to add a fun, competitive element. Halloween decorations are available at most supermarkets and discount stores, and they can be reused each year once you’ve made the initial investment.

In addition to decorations, you can add to the atmosphere by switching up the ambiance of your bar. Dimming the lighting gives the decorations an extra touch of spookiness. 


Also, by adding in Halloween themed music to your playlist, you can round out the effects. 


Creating a unique and festive atmosphere provides a special experience for your customers that they’ll want to share with all of their friends!

Offer Halloween-themed entertainment

Take your customers experience to the next level by offering a fun, Halloween themed entertainment option.

Host a Halloween themed Trivia Night to get your guests in the spooky spirit. Trivia gives players a fun, competitive activity that will leave a lasting impression. As an added bonus, we’re offering a free Halloween themed Trivia Night for you to use (no tricks, it’s our treat to you)! To download your free Trivia Night, click here.


In addition to the main event, consider adding other entertainment between Trivia rounds. A costume contest is always a popular staple! This gives the players who may not be performing as well a reason to stick around and enjoy the event.

"We've thought of everything you need for Trivia Night. Download the whole package with the click of a button."

Halloween provides bar owners with an opportunity to draw in both regulars and new customers to enjoy the celebration. Be sure to take advantage by turning your bar into a happy haunt that will get people talking. Happy Halloween!

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