What Kind of Team Are you? The Sequel

We’ve noticed a sort of trend when it comes to the regular patrons of Last Call Trivia. We’ve really seen it all. Continuing on from last week’s exploration of the nerds and jocks who keep coming back for more, here’s five more types of teams who gather at the local watering hole once a week to sharpen their wits while drinking a wit (or IPA).

Alvin & The Chipmunks – Far less annoying than their namesake, this team can get a little loud while debating the merits of the differing answers on the table, but ultimately one clear leader emerges and makes all of the final decisions. Song: “Leader of the Pack” – Alvin & The Chipmunks

Lone Wolf – Venturing out of their native habitat to play trivia solo isn’t a problem for this walking encyclopedia. Confident, but humble, when this team wins, they don’t have to split the gift certificate with anyone, but when things go wrong, they have nobody to blame. They can often be seen talking to themselves at the bar. Song: “Here I Go Again” – Whitesnake

Not-So-Tech Savvy – To the literal dismay of the host and every other team, and despite multiple warnings and public shaming, this squad appears to have multiple smartphones being used throughout the contest, yet still get nearly every question wrong. Song: “Feel Good, Inc.” – Gorillaz

Delta Force ­– As close to a professional trivia team as possible, this group is assembled based on each individual’s particular core knowledge subjects. Teams of this caliber take their trivia a little too seriously and develop systems for determining answers and wagers and are even known to assign homework. They also tend to play trivia more often than any other team and, at the end of the night, are often the ones walking away with a gift certificate.  Song: “Gonna Fly Now” – Bill Conti

Gamblers (Anonymous) – No matter the circumstance, this trivia team’s singular goal appears to be the misappropriation of their wagers. Whether it’s undue overconfidence or simply terrible luck, this team lives and dies by max point wagers even when the odds are clearly stacked against them.  Song: “The Gambler” – Kenny Rogers


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Weekly Hints

10.17 – 10.23 | Butterbean, Dorf, Drexel, Longhorn, Lotus, Pangolin, and Taos


10.24 – 10.30 | Bangor, Eye, Geneva, Lemur, Lupus, Odysseus, and Sandstorm


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