What kind of team are you? Part I

Live pub trivia brings out all kinds of unique individual personalities, but what unique personality does your trivia team take on when all of those individuals come together? Like the Thundercats, what’s important isn’t your individual ability, but how well your team functions when all your moving parts have joined to form a trivia team. Here’s a rundown of 5 types of trivia teams you might find at your local Last Call Trivia night. (*Any resemblance to real trivia teams is purely coincidental.)

Our Drinking Team Has A Trivia Problem – Smarter than you’d think, this team singlehandedly turns trivia night into a raucous affair with chants, cheers, drinking games, and, of course, sing-a-longs.  Song: “I Would Walk (500 Miles)” – The Proclaimers

Nerds Of A Feather – Curated from the smartest people you know, this team’s collective IQ will occasionally leave others dumbfounded. However, like most impenetrable objects, there is always a womp rat sized exhaust shaft that leads right to their main reactor that can lead to their undoing. This category is often known as SPORTS.  Song: “Weird Science” – Oingo Boingo

Every Child Left Behind – Defying logic, this team will miss the easiest of questions, yet somehow get all the hard questions right. Occasionally, they will even try to turn in multiple wrong answers. This team will also blatantly defy even the most obvious of musical hints provided by the TJ. Song: “If This Is It (Please Let Me Know)” – Huey Lewis & The News

Battered Bastards of Trivia – This team appears to hate everything about everything, yet plays trivia every single week. They find joy in the misery of others, celebrate anti-socials, and will even argue about answers they get right. Teams like this often find ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  Song: “I Hate Myself For Loving You” – Joan Jett & The Blackhearts

Can You Repeat The Question? – The only true changeling of the bunch, this team takes on many forms. The most common is the team that is too busy socializing or watching the game to pay attention, but watch out for the team merely buying time hoping for a miracle.  Song: “Help” – The Beatles


What kind of trivia team are you on? Let us know in the comments below. And come back for five more to follow next week! Stay tuned.

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