What Your Fav Last Call Game Says About You

Trivia, Tunes, Quiz, and Feud… What your Last Call game of choice says about you…As you may have found out, there are several options to choose from when you are getting your friends together to compete in Last Call’s weekly bar or restaurant mind games. They all have a common goal: to crown the best teams. They also have some important differences to stand out on their own. When it all started, there was one option…Trivia.
The tried and true game that follows a specific formula for folks looking for challenging questions, and sometimes, a trip back to high school history or chemistry class. A blend of questions from mythology to current movie stars, this Last Call offering has teams and players racking their brains for the correct answer. Trivia is for those folks that might sit down in the evening to catch Jeopardy! or Who Wants To Be A Millionere?. There is no wavering from the facts here, so make sure Ronny doesn’t talk you into putting down the first answer that popped into his head, it just might mean losing the chance for those much needed 6 points in the 3rd round. One question, one answer, there is no gray area in Trivia. If you do want a touch of gray, or even multiple answers to the same questions, Feud is the way to go. Feud is still a young game in the Last Call’s repertoire, but has been spreading like wildfire. It opens up the playing field to multiple answers, and more creative ones. Don’t like the fact that you HAVE to know the specific answer? Feud is for you. With types of questions like fill in the blank, preferences, and scale of 1 to 10, Feud covers it all. What is something you would like named after you? Wait, don’t tell me now, head over to playlastcallfeud.com and fill out some surveys. You might just see the questions, and your answers, in one of the weekly Feud shows in your city. This game falls into its a unique category of fun and creativity. Looking for a game in a different category or theme? Maybe a game OF categories and themes? We have those, too. Quiz and Tunes follow a similar format that treat each round as its own theme or category. Quiz and Tunes both like to take groups of questions, or song clips, and mash them together into one heck of a game. Do you like puzzles, visual clues, spelling bees, or word games? Quiz is definitely the game for you. One round could be asking you to identify historical people by Tweets that might be posting. The next thing you know, you have to identify cartoon characters by their mustache in the visual round. Do you like cover songs, album covers, or all things music? That can be found in Tunes. From song titles that share a common theme, to a round of music from a specific period of time, all songs are fair game and all genres are covered. Quiz and Tunes are like the potpourri of the trivia world. If spontaneity and surprise is your thing, Quiz and Tunes are your games. Each game is tailored in a specific way to follow patterns laid out from the beginning. Each time you play, you can expect a great time with friends and a test of your wit. It doesn’t matter which game is your favorite. All four offer a great time with friends, some testing of wits, and pieces of information that you’ll be happy you remembered. Until the next show you attend, keep picking up those bits of information, and we will keep you guessing.

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Last Call Trivia

Last Call Trivia began in the Fall of 2007 when founders Adam and Drew saw a niche for great Trivia Nights in the Cincinnati market. The 10 years that followed bootstrapped their love of Trivia into the seats of hundreds of bars across the country. The best part of our epic journey has been the community we’ve been able to create and that community is a testament to the power of Trivia Nights. We believe that our role in this industry is not a zero-sum game, but rather an infinite game where we seek to help knowledge spread and lives change.

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